Benefits of Hiring Us

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Why hire an interior designer?

Would you like your space (home, cottage, office, etc.) to reflect your unique style? With a professional designer like Loretta this can become a reality. On this page are some benefits to hiring an interior designer.

Benefits to hiring an interior designer

Do you have a renovation, remodelling, or new construction project on the go but don’t know where to begin?

Talk to Loretta and find out how she and her team can help you.

By hiring Plan By Design at the outset of your project, you could save a lot of time, money and headaches plus prevent some of the common and costly mistakes that are made.

A designer’s job is to look at the big picture and how all the elements work together.

Aside from their professional knowledge, years of experience, learning and understanding you, your family, and your lifestyle, Plan By Design will create the unique space you want.

Here are just a few more reasons to hire an interior designer

Provide Solutions: For any space, small or large.

Prevent Costly Mistakes: From architectural plans and construction to design and product choices.

Resources: There is a world of products, manufacturers, etc., accessible to the trade only.

Well Connected:  A Design is only as good as the Execution. Designers work with the best teams. By developing strong relationships with Contractors, Architects, Trades, Suppliers, Manufactures and Workrooms etc. giving us the clout to make sure the highest standards for your project are met.

Guidance: It can be overwhelming to sort through the vast array of choices. A designer knows sources well enough to edit the options.

Convenience: Designers save you time and work on site. They also bring the products to you.

Set Priorities: A designer will help allocate timelines and budget for present and future phases of your design project.

Liaison/Advocate: Designers have developed relationships with trades and manufacturers and will have the leverage to get things repaired or replaced when necessary.

Working Through Opposing Tastes: Designers can be the third party to join taste and style between all parties involved.

Get the Job Done: Designers see to it that everything is completed. Often when a project drags on for months, clients might be inclined to leave those few details undone if they are doing it themselves. It is the Designer’s job to see to it that every aspect is completed to your satisfaction.

With Plan by Design’s 15 step process we will help you complete any project from start to finish.